Flag-Raisers Misidentified

A review by the US Marine Corps University and HQMC History Division formally called the Huley Report, after two years of extensive photographic and film review of the event, concluded that in fact there had been a mis-identification. In 2016 the Marine Corps determined that a flag raiser previously identified as Corpsman John Bradley was in fact Marine PFC Harold Schultz. In addition, the identification of two other flag-raisers Sousley and Gagnon, although correct, were to have their positions interchanged.

Flag-raiser ID – Initial

Flag-raiser ID – Corrected 2015

PFC Harold Schultz

The Huly Board further directed that “… the National Museum of the Marine Corps and other Marine Corps monuments, displays and educational programs should be updated to correct the identification of the second flag-raisers from the Rosenthal photograph.”

October 2019 – Second Flag-raiser misidentified

For the second time in three years another flag-raiser correction was announced in October of 2019. Previously identified Marine Rene Gagnon was not in the Rosenthal photograph. The Marine Corps said the man, mostly obscured behind the Marine who is second from the right, is not Pfc. Rene Gagnon, as had been thought. Rather, it is Cpl. Harold P. “Pie” Keller from Brooklyn, Iowa.

Cpl. Harold “Pie” Keller

IJMM First Iwo Jima Monument true to Rosenthal Photo

The Iwo Jima Memorial Midwest sculpting design shall reflect the changes from Bradley’s face to Schultz and switch the face of Gagnon to the Keller. Therefore , IJMM  will be the very first completed Iwo Jima Monument, that accurately reflects the correctly identified flag-raisers in the Rosenthal photograph.