Made in USA

The original Monument in Arlington granite panels were provided by a quarry in Lonsboda Sweden. This developed some negative controversy as critics claimed the materials should all be produced in the United States.

The IJMM will be 100% produced and constructed using United States origin materials and labor. The Panels will be Caprice Granite, with alternate considerations for  Quarra Black all provided by Quarries in Wisconsin.

 The Quarra Stone Company in Madison, Wisconsin will produce, provide and manage installation of the Granite panels to the Base. Panels consist of 5o different pieces  that are applied to the Base facing. Then gilding of the panels art and type showing the various Marine Corps Battles throughout history will be applied after installation.

The sourcing of local quarry materials to provide the base Panels makes the IJMM monument not only the first true rendition of the statue to the Rosenthal photograph, but an All-American monument.

The bronze sculpt will be produced in Charlottsville, VA at Sculptor Bricker’s Bronze Craft Factory and shipped 850 miles in one completed bronze to the Park in Racine, WI.

 The Gilding of all lettering and base symbols will be performed on site by The Gilders Studio of Olney, MD who did the refurbishing of the gilding on the original monument during restoration.

Construction of the Base and Landscaping will be done by locally selected contractors.

Iwo Jima Memorial Midwest Project, Inc.

Press Release

July 27, 2020 ----Racine, WI

The Iwo Jima Memorial Midwest Project has temporarily put the promotion of the Memorial Statue fundraising on hold until this coming Fall. The Project will still be located at Pritchard Park in Racine, WI. with some modifications.                                                                      

The Project was launched on the 23rd of February, the 75th Anniversary of the flag-raising. “Within the next ten days the Covid pandemic hit. We realized that people would be suffering loss of income, jobs and businesses. Everyone’s priorities have shifted. Potential Corporate sponsors advised us that donation commitments would be delayed.” said John Capriotti, Project Director.

The Project will re-launch in late October, 2020 with a new unique fundraising offer. “Donors can opt to receive a free gift-with-donation. Based on the amount donated, they can receive free IJMM embroidered Jackets, Polo's, Sweatshirts, Collector Posters, Mugs, T-Shirts and other unique items being added soon.”  said Capriotti. Special Corporate Donation packages and Commemorative Bricks will be available.

IJMM is revising the size, design and expense of the Iwo Jima/WW2 Monument and devising phases to add additional smaller monuments for Korea/Vietnam, and Iraq/Afghanistan. Instead of a single statue, each monument will be comprised of a combination of bronze statues and large Laser-Etched granite panels featuring renowned Combat Artist‘s work of the various conflicts. Designs are in process for the first phase Iwo Jima/WW2 combined memorial.

The objective of providing a memorable, attractive and educational monument will still be reached by the collective group of three  Memorials creating a “Veterans Walk” at Pritchard Park. Each will be built through separate fundraising efforts, one after another.

“During our revision stage the IJMM team is urging potential donors to shift contributions to Veteran aide and support groups actively responding to the needs and services of veterans’ and their families during this pandemic; Notable organizations are the Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin, and the Veterans Center-Legacy Museum in Racine” said Nicholas Fasulo a Project Official.

Extending the program to include other Memorials, over time, signifies Racine County resident’s commitment to preserve and honor all their Military Veterans.  Many of whom paid the ultimate price to protect our freedoms.