Monument Location

Preliminary approval from leaders on the Racine County Board have confirmed providing the  land for the Monument and subsequent landscaping at Pritchard Park in Racine, WI. The Park is located 8 miles or 20 minutes from the busy I-94 Freeway corridor that runs between Chicago (90 minutes) and Milwaukee, Wi (35 Minutes) and 6 miles or 15 minutes from Lake Michigan.

The beautiful 79 acre Park has most recently become a tourist and recreational destination with the building of the SC Johnson Aquatic Center in 2018.  Three new Multi-million dollar Sports fields and complex have recently been approved to begin construction in 2019. The Park has some Veterans flag and plaque monuments in place. However, long term County plans may explore additional monuments and tributes to Veterans.

The Park has had the unprecedented notoriety of hosting the Vietnam Moving Wall Memorial on three separate years. The Wall is a traveling 50% size reproduction of the original in Washington, DC.

Planning and reviews of the Pritchard Park specific location and other consideration are being reviewed with the County Board. Their commitment and support will enhance the success of expediting the project and identifying the Iwo Jima Memorial Midwest as part of making Racine County a Vacation destination with National recognition in that the Memorial is the first in the country to accurately portray the true flag-raisers in the Rosenthal photograph.

Park Considerations

The IJMM Project will explore exact location placement a the Park with the guidance of the Racine County Board. Strong road visibility, easy access and parking are priorities. The preliminary selected location would be the Park area in front of existing Veterans Memorials that face the intersection of Durand and Ohio Streets. Close proximity to planned restrooms is a main consideration. The opportunity to develop an adjacent Parade Grounds field for Veterans events is an option.

If extended long-term plans include the addition of other Veteran monuments, fund-raising for a future mini Visitors Center should be considered. It would contain Historical Museum type displays related to the Monuments and would attract more school and out of town group visits.