Sculpting and Production of the IJMM Statue

Robert Bricker – The Sculptor

Qualified sculptors and foundries were researched over a year long period to determine who would have the capabilities and artistic experience to produce the new statue. The Bronze Craft Factory in Charlottsville, VA , under the leadership of owner and world renowned sculptor, Robert Bricker, will produce the 20,000 Lb. Bronze Statue.

A key factor in awarding Bricker and his team the assignment was his selection by the National Parks Service in 2017 to restore the original monument statue in Arlington.

Roberts experience with the original, and its faults regarding longevity and structural problems, will be applied to the IJMM statue and it’s durability. Bricker volunteered over 15 months of personal time to perfect the complete detailed production process and schedule for the new monument. He has been producing Bronze Sculpts for over 36 years. Visit his website at

Production of the Statue will take an estimated 16 months and is broken out in various stages, with accompanying costs, to keep the flow of donations all being dedicated to that task. Once completed the statue will be shipped the 850 miles from the Bronze Craft Foundry to Pritchard Park in Racine, WI for placement on the Base.