Size & Weight Specifications

The Iwo Jima Memorial Midwest Sculpture will be a 40% representation of the original bronze Felix De Weldon original at Arlington Cemetery.  The original Monument will be electronically scanned by the Bronze Craft Foundry to provide the sculptor, Robert Bricker, the capability to produce to scale an exact reproduction.

Modifications to the face of Bradley changed to Schultz and Gagnon to Harold “Pie” Keller recently identified by HQ USMC will be sculpted by Bricker using photographs of the Marines.

Figure Size

Size of the figures from sole of boot to fingertip will be 13 feet. Total height of the flagpole from top of base is 26 ft. The base will be approximately 18 ft. wide x 26 ft. long x 8 ft. tall. Each Marine will be just over 2X life-size or 13-feet tall. Each Marine will be cast in 11 pieces, then seamlessly welded together. Total six Marine figures x 11 pieces = 66 cast pieces total.

Statue Structure-Weight

The internal structure of the statue within the bronze figures will be stainless steel substructure underneath the figures that stabilize them into the base. The combined weight of the bronze and steel is 20,000 lbs or 10 tons.

Base & Panels Size-Weight

The Memorial will sit on an Octagon base which measures 26-feet by 18-feet x 8-feet in height. Total base weight with gravel fill and including the side exterior Granite Panels (33.264 lbs) is 555,623 lbs. or 278 tons. Combined weight of Statue and Base makes the Monument 288 tons total weight.


The original Monument statue casted 108 pieces that were welded together on site. Reduced size of the IJMM provides the capability to construct the Monument at the Foundry as one statue unit. The statue will then be shipped cross country on one flatbed to the Park location, where the Base will already be constructed, for installation.

Base Production/Construction

The Base specifications and detailed architectural drawings will be provided by Bronze Craft Foundry as a “guide” for production quotes from local contractors.  IJMM shall seek Racine County Contractors willing to provide turn-key base development and guarantees. Selection priority will be based on capability combined with Companies willing to provide a portion of the production as an in-kind donation.

Granite Panel Production

Granite Panels will be constructed in Wisconsin and then installed on the exterior of the base once it is completed. Gilding of the lettering on the panels will be completed on site or at the Granite manufacturer’s location in Madison, WI.